4Runner Build


Stock 2004 V8 4Runner 4x4
I traded in my 2005 Toyota Tacoma Double-Cab PreRunner after attending my first Pismo Jamboree. After coming back from the trip that my brother forced me to go to, I was set on getting a 4-Wheel Drive truck. The main difference between the V6 4x4 and the V8 is that the V6 can switch from 2 wheel drive to 4 wheel drive. The V8 is a full time 4 wheel drive. The V8 has less horsepower but higher torque, allowing for heavier towing. This truck also had the X-REAS suspension that came with the Sport model. Truck also had a Volant after market intake and Gibson exhaust. I've kept the exhaust which I like, but the intake has since been replaced with a stock one to keep it smog legal in California. There are no legal aftermarket intakes for the V8 model.
Yakima roof rack
Thanks to my brother. He has a Toyota Landcruiser and when he had this rack, he could never park his truck in the garage. Worked out really well for me!! He even had the Hi-jack lift and shovel mounts already on it!
ToyTec 3" Ultimate Lift
After researching different lift kits, I decided to go with the ToyTec. Other considerations were Sway-A-Way and Icon, both with models that allow the shocks to be rebuilt. The reason I didn't go with rebuildable suspension kits was because of the time factor. If the shocks wear out on my current ToyTecs, which use 5100 Bilstein shocks, I just need to buy a new set and reinstall. On rebuilds, I would have to remove the worn shocks, ship them back to the company, and have my truck sit on jack stands until the rebuilt shocks come back. Then I'd have to find another day out of my schedule to reinstall them all back. I decided it just wouldn't be worth my time.

BF Goodrich All-Terrain KO
I was on my 2nd set of used tires before I got these. I had refused to get new tires until after my lift. Great tires, but the added size really does a number on your MPG! The increased tire size and lift caused rubbing against my UCA. Had to get wheel spacers and do some trimming of the fender wheel wells. Since the tires are larger, the spare no longer fits under the truck. I've had to relocate the spare to the roof rack.

Spydertrax wheel spacers
First off, thanks Lance! I needed these to prevent the larger tires from rubbing against the upper control arm and wheel well plastics. I still had to do some trimming of the plastic, but my wheels no longer trup against the UCA.
Stubbs Weldding Rock Sliders
I'm just lucky to not have had body damage before getting these. Thanks to Bob and Lance for the install.
Hi-Lift jack
Once I got the larger tires, the stock jack is no longer good and most likely would not work very well in off-road conditions. It's mounted on the roof rack.
Cobra 40 Ch CB Handheld
Can't go off-roading without some type of mobil communication with your buddies. I got this so I can carry it around, if needed... I've never needed. I don't use the included ducky antenna. I have a Lil' Wil CB antenna mounted to the top of the truck. I use a handheld mic/speaker when driving. If I had to do it again, I'd get one built for the truck and mount it.
Yaesu FT-60R Ham HT
I purchased this Ham HT with the intent of also carrying it around, and unlike the CB, I actually do carry it often. When using it in the truck, I have a Yaesu handheld mic/speaker that works great. I also connect the antenna to my external antenna mounted on the top of the truck.