This is most of the gear I use. I do have some flash mounts & cables, but the bulk of what I use is listed here. Other software I may use on occassion is Adobe Illustrator. I was in the prepress industry for 10 years, so I've used quite a bit of layout software for print and digital media. For the photography and website, though, this is pretty much all I use.

Canon 20D
I've had this camera for several years. I also had a 10D which used to be my back-up camera, but I've given that to my oldest daughter to learn how to take photos. She uses it almost daily....NOT. I've thought about upgrading to a newer camera body, but I'm holding off until my skill level outgrows this one. I basically, I don't plan on getting a new camera any time soon!

Canon 550EX Speedlite
The camera comes with a pop-up flash, but I never use it. Plus, with the lenses I have, it casts an aweful shadow when using the built in flash on the camera. This hotshoe flash is a great workhorse with a nice throw.
Canon EF 17-40 mm f4.0 L USM
Since my camera is not a full frame camera, this wide lens comes in really handy. I also had a 60mm f1.8 that I really liked, but it broke during a trip to the desert. It was the best cheap lens. It was a Canon lens for around $60. I don't even think you can get it any more.
Canon EF 70-200 mm f4.0 L USM
My zoom lens. It's a great lens, but if you can afford it, I'd recommend the f2.8 IS. It's a heavier lens with a big price jump, but I've often wished I could go down to f2.8.
Manfrotto 3021 BN tripod
This tripod is well built and sturdy. It's also a little on the heavy side if you're into carrying around your tripod. I'm either going to get a lighter on or start using my monopod more.
Manfrotto 3030 head
Decent enough head. I have no complaints. The hadles are large and easy to work.
Apple Macbook 2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
I have 3 Gigs of RAM and also upgraded the hard drive to 750GBs. It is a little old so I've learned the virtues of patience. Sooner or later (closer to later), I'll need an upgrade. I would seriously consider moving to my desktop PC I built for gaming, but I've invested too much on software for the Mac to make the switch. Some of the software are also Mac OS specific with no Windows variant.
Wacom Intuos 3 graphics tablet
If you're into Photoshop, get one. If mine broke, I'd get another one right away. That's how invaluable this tablet is for me. The included mouse... meh. I don't even use it. I used to cut paths with a mouse without any problems.... until I got this. Now, there's no going back. Too many advantages. That being said, I can only use it for Photoshop. For everything else, I have to use the mouse. It's too awkward for me to use it for anything else but Photoshop.
Adobe Lightroom
Photoshop used to be my photography software of choice, but not anymore. I held off on Lightroom because I didn't see how it can help me more than Photoshop. After getting Lightroom and using it for just a short time, I can't do without. There are things I need to do that only Photoshop can, but for the majority of photography stuff, Lightroom is it.
Adobe Photoshop
I'm still on CS3, but come on... this stuff is EXPENSIVE. I'll upgrade one day, but it does everything I need. I've used Photoshop for decades now and nothing comes close, at least for me.
Adobe Dreamweaver
Dreamweaver used to be by Macromedia before Adobe took it over. Yes, I'm still using CS3, but most of what I do is pretty basic. I also don't build websites very often. When I do, the time span is so long, I almost have to relearn everything!
Photomatix Pro
I recently purchsed this to experiment with HDR photography. I don't like most HDR photos I see on the internet because they look so over-processed, but some of the stuff looks really good.